boys don’t cry // collab w/ rox & ky

i know what you’re thinking… that ‘boys don’t cry’ is a meaningless phrase that somehow doesn’t apply to you.. that ‘boys’ should be ‘men’ and ‘men’ should have ‘beards’ and ‘beards‘ stay away from colours like ‘pastel pink’ & ‘baby blue’.. because somehow ‘softer colours’ make ‘softer men’ and maybe, just maybe one day they’ll shed a tear, and then…

i first met rox (Roxanne Batt / @batt_hair) at carltons after i spent some time calling various barber shops in cape town, and was damn impressed with my cut… when i went back some three weeks later to my new favourite barber, rox had suddenly disappeared without a forwarding address – after an extensive instagram stalk however, i found her at barber & co and have been getting my hair cut & styled there with her since. as someone who is so passionate about the creative scene in cape town, i get all warm & fuzzy inside when i hear people like rox talking about their need to create art in their own way and follow their dreams.

needless to say, rox and i really connected and we started chatting about possibly doing a shoot together one day which finally materialised into ‘boys don’t cry’. my good friend kye (Rebecca Vogel / @imagerybykye) joined us as photographer, i was creative director, and rox cut, coloured, & styled our models (bradley & grant).

the concept behind this series was to highlight the issue around boys being ‘bullied’ into ‘tougher men’, and the ever resounding paradox of having to be a ‘man’ in a society that is so concerned with telling boys not to cry, it is blinded to the accumulating masses of boys & men in a state of severe depression trying to make sense of years & years of bottled up emotion. i think being strong has more to do with waking up each morning ready to face the day, and less to do with whether you’ve got teardrops on your pink sweater.

series / boys don’t cry *

series / boys don’t cry * pt.1
series / boys don’t cry * pt.2
series / boys don’t cry * pt.3
series / boys don’t cry * pt.4
series / boys don’t cry * pt.5
series / boys don’t cry * pt.6
series / boys don’t cry * pt.7


creative director: @iam_kxlvin

hair: @batt_hair

photography: @imagerybykye

models: bradley, grant

breaking the model // #creativespace collab w/ @we_married_hair

i had fun meeting & collaborating with viggo & jamie (the lovely couple behind @we_married_hair), the stunning nicole nadine, & my good friend phil morris (who i’ve obviously met before, yes) last weekend. viggo & jamie invited me to join them for their first official #creativespace collaboration (which i’ll be explaining in my next post, so stay tuned).

we started off the day with colouring hair & ended it off with sunset street shoots. i came on as creative director and stylist, while i played photographer and editor. viggo and jamie made our models, nicole and phil look other-worldy with some fresh colour, cut, & styling. nicole and phil mostly just sat patiently throughout the day, & then looked pretty while we snapped some pics.

the concept behind this series ‘breaking the model’ was to play on the idea of ‘different, but still beautiful’ by creating an almost uncomfortable ‘wax-model’ like effect with our models, in two distinct aesthetics – raw & military. awkward posture along with careful composition and desaturated colour resulted in some beautiful imagery.

series / raw aesthetic *

series / raw aesthetic * pt.1
series / raw aesthetic * pt.2
series / raw aesthetic * pt.3
series / raw aesthetic * pt.4
series / raw aesthetic * pt.5
series / raw aesthetic * pt.6


creative director: @iam_kxlvin

hair: @we_married_hair

models: nicole nadinephil morris

series / military aesthetic *

series / military aesthetic * pt.1
series / military aesthetic * pt.2
series / military aesthetic * pt.3
series / military aesthetic * pt.4
series / military aesthetic * pt.5
series / military aesthetic * pt.6


creative director: @iam_kxlvin

hair: @we_married_hair

models: nicole nadinephil morris





Over three and a half years ago, two students sat opposite each other with a dream they hoped would change the world. Yesterday, that dream came true – marking the end of one chapter, and the start of a new one. Yesterday, MyBru App officially launched in Cape Town, South Africa, and is now available to download on both the AppStore and PlayStore. Yesterday, it was our dream that came true.

Together, myself and Reece Meyer gave the green light for MyBru App to go live, and we really could not be happier. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I just want to take this opportunity again to thank each and every one of you that helped us, supported us, believed in us, and guided us along the way.

We didn’t create MyBru to just be app that would let you find great specials – we created it to be so much more than that. We created MyBru to be a lifestyle app that would change the way that we enjoy our city – a platform that would be the reason we can adventure, experience, discover, and enjoy. We wanted to give our friends, family, and people in our city the opportunity for a more adventurous and more spontaneous lifestyle; and I can promise you that our dream doesn’t stop here. We will be growing each day, growing with our app and growing in ourselves.

We are excited to be starting this next chapter of our lives and MyBru, and we hope that all of you will be walking with us side-by-side as we go on this adventure. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the AppStore and PlayStore. I’ll post the links below:

Facebook: / @mybruapp

Instagram: / @mybruapp

AppStore (iOS): Download Now

PlayStore (Android): Download Now

Thank you again,

We truly do appreciate everything all of you have done for us.






…and by execute I mean bring your dream to life. We have been given this beautiful opportunity to live life, and why more people are not running like they are on fire towards their wildest dreams honestly baffles me. Imagine how incredible you could be in a single years time, if you stopped fantasizing about a better life and actively started building one. Pursue your dream man, go after everything you’ve ever wanted, let’s paint the town red and light up the sky. It’s pretty scary and overwhelming taking that first step, blindly following you dreams (and believe me half the time even I’m terrified with not being sure of what I’m doing), but what I do know is that it’s worth it. Every second that you spend being extraordinary, every minute that you spend chasing your dream, every hour that you spend creating your legacy, it’s all worth it.

I thought I’d share a few things that helped me, and that are still helping me:

Make the Decision.

What sets your soul on fire like nothing else? Your dreams are yours, whether they’re small and simple, or big and hella’ scary; no one else should be an influence on their importance to you. Make the decision to invest; invest time, energy, passion, invest yourself into your dream. Make the decision to pursue. Make the decision to stay dedicated.

Cut the Bullshit. 

What do you need to change in your life to make your dreams happen? Dreams take time, passion, motivation, hard work, focus, and positive energy. Following your dream requires a change of personality, a change of lifestyle, and a change of perspective. Are you the person you want to be? Are you the person you need to be? I found myself experiencing a phenomenal amount of growth after I made the decision to make my dreams reality.  You’ve made the decision to invest, now cut the bullshit and make your dreams come true.

Let the Magic Happen.

Dream. Imagine. Take the time to let your dream blossom, let your vision grow, let it consume your entire being. Allow your dream to course through your veins, allow your dream to give you goosebumps, let it make your heart race and your eyes shine. Be excited, be passionate, be scared. These feelings are good. I have gone through rollercoaster rides of emotions over the last few years; up, down, and around – these emotions are good, they fuel the fire burning inside. Enjoy them, acknowledge them, let them be.


Let your dream start to materialise. Write it down, stick it to your wall, make it your wallpaper. See your dream, breathe your dream, be your dream. Write down why your dream is important to you. Give your dream legs, give it wings, let it run wild and fly free. I use Pinterest, a lot.. like a lot a lot.. I’ve lost count of how many boards I have, crazy I know, but honestly what a great way to be inspired; and if not Pinterest, find your own way to see your dreams take shape.

Execute Your Dream. 

Baby steps or giant leaps – the choice is yours; but get up and get going. Dreaming about a dream will always just make it a dream, it’s up to you now to make it come to life.

Feel free to message me if you want direction, inspiration, motivation, or support; I’m always happy to help where I can! Now go make it happen, I’m counting on you.




Three Years to Three Days


It’s been a long road we’ve travelled over the last three years, and now suddenly it comes down to just three days; from thinking we would launch 2 November 2015, to actually only launching over two years later, we’ve truly experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. We are excited. Excited to see our dreams finally materialise. Excited about what we have managed to accomplish. Excited for the journey that lies ahead. Somehow, as I type this now, everything seems so surreal; as if it’s only been a few days since myself and Reece Meyer sat over breakfast almost strangers, just talking about an idea and how we thought we could change the world; and now I have the honour and privilege of calling him one of my best friends and business partner – they say that ‘friendship isn’t about who you’ve know the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.’ Over the last three years we have learned a lot about ourselves, lost old friends and made new ones, made countless sacrifices, put life on hold, and fallen down and scraped our knees only to get back up again and keep moving forward. We have no doubt that we still have a rocky road ahead of us, and we know full well the problems we still have to face; but right now, we are only three days away from launch and we know that is something to be proud of. MyBru might not be a success yet, but getting from where we were to where we are now is success in itself. I’d like to thank my family, friends, and each of you that encouraged and supported us, and I hope that you’ll all be downloading MyBru when it goes live. Until then, have a great weekend and we will see you all Monday!




five quotes for a better day

fabian-moller-401625 (1)

as much as quotes can be cliché, i still like to think that they hold a lot of power.. and if even just one of these quotes change your day just a little, then im pretty happy.

‘smile like a monkey with a new banana’

do it! haha, i really do love this quote, obviously.. it’s comical, and somehow i really can’t help but smile. i hope it makes you feel the same.

‘when you fall down, pick something up’ 

life, hey? but really there are always new lessons to learn, new experiences to be had, new people to meet, and new places to be discovered. life has a funny way of pulling the carpet out beneath our feet, but if life decides to knock you down, you might as well make the most of it.

‘every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day’

well, as far as cliché quotes go, this is definitely at the top of the list.. but how beautiful, right? i think sometimes the bad days can be so overwhelming, that we don’t take the time to appreciate the good in each of them. why not try writing down the something good in every day, it might change your perspective.

‘remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. you are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.’

i think this one speaks for itself.

‘it doesn’t matter what’s been written in your story so far.. it’s how you fill up the rest of the pages that count..’

and believe me, as a writer, poet, and creative, i could not agree more.. we write the stories to our lives, so let’s all make it worth reading.

‘good day, sir. i said good day!’ 

okay, yes.. i said five quotes for a better day, and this line by willy wonka might be taken entirely out of context, so im probably cheating here just a little, but really.. i truly want you to have a good day!

and every day thereafter.

much love





Empowering Creatives


As a young South African entrepreneur and innovative thinker, I’ve come to realize that so many people have a burning desire to achieve something exceptional; a burning desire to live a life that doesn’t conform to any social norm – but somehow they get lost along the way.

Individuals in society tend to become too focused on the idea that they might not be enough to succeed, becoming so constrained by the fear of failure, that fear tends to prevent them from living a purpose driven life filled with passion; and funny enough, learning the art of leverage is actually so simple. When we decide what it is that we want, and discover the absolute beauty behind what we actually have to offer, we realize that all that stands between us and where we want to be is nothing but time and dedication, and the ability to leverage what we have.

It’s both a lesson and an adventure. Challenges will be inevitable; the question is, how will you allow yourself to react? Use your dream as your guide, your motivation as your companion, and your ability as your perspective.

Competition should never inspire self-doubt, and you should never let it. Competition is healthy and reminds you that people are watching. Study your competition, humble yourself, learn from them, and let their dedication to their dreams inspire yours.

Incorporate what makes you unique, free-thinking and individuality are powerful assets people have pushed aside. Finding your niche may take time, but the rewards are worth it. Develop your passion into a business, and continue by strategising ways to monetise. Having passion for what you do is essential, and growing that into an influential brand is entirely possible.

Be careful of becoming complacent. The moment you become complacent as a creative is the very moment you leave the door of opportunity open for others to come and make waves in your industry. Stay focused. Stay hungry.

A word of advice; not everything you attempt to do is going to work – and that is completely okay, life works like that. Learn from each of those experiences, and fall in love with the process – it makes for a great story.

We live in a constantly growing society, and as a brand you need to be able to adapt because change is inevitable. Something that entrepreneur Gary Vee said stood out to me: “I honestly believe the people that will succeed within the next five to ten years are the people who are able to adapt and capitalize on the opportunities in the mitts of complete chaos”. – @garyvee.

Commit. Half-arsed passion will not carry you through until the finish line. Make a conscious effort to become self-aware, take time to reflect, stay focused, and remember your dreams – authenticity will allow your audience to connect with you on an empathetic level.

The creative industry in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is growing, but we still need to empower, collaborate, unite, and grow together to disrupt our industries even further.


written by: Reece Meyer – @_reecemeyer

edited by: Kalvin Sutherland – @iam_kxlvin

image by: Larry English – @larryephotography

additional credit: styleXposure – @stylexposuresa 

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Stylexposure Media Launch


Last night’s event held by @stylexposuresa was highly inspirational, with speeches from several upcoming SA bloggers and influencers. Cape Town and South Africa as a whole can benefit from freethinkers and creatives who want to be seen and heard. We need more events like this that promote local collaboration.

stylist: @iam_kxlvin

photographer: @_reecemeyer

model: @iam_kxlvin

wearing: Zara Man, Topman, Hermès Paris, Daniel Hechter, Diesel

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