Empowering Creatives


As a young South African entrepreneur and innovative thinker, I’ve come to realize that so many people have a burning desire to achieve something exceptional; a burning desire to live a life that doesn’t conform to any social norm – but somehow they get lost along the way.

Individuals in society tend to become too focused on the idea that they might not be enough to succeed, becoming so constrained by the fear of failure, that fear tends to prevent them from living a purpose driven life filled with passion; and funny enough, learning the art of leverage is actually so simple. When we decide what it is that we want, and discover the absolute beauty behind what we actually have to offer, we realize that all that stands between us and where we want to be is nothing but time and dedication, and the ability to leverage what we have.

It’s both a lesson and an adventure. Challenges will be inevitable; the question is, how will you allow yourself to react? Use your dream as your guide, your motivation as your companion, and your ability as your perspective.

Competition should never inspire self-doubt, and you should never let it. Competition is healthy and reminds you that people are watching. Study your competition, humble yourself, learn from them, and let their dedication to their dreams inspire yours.

Incorporate what makes you unique, free-thinking and individuality are powerful assets people have pushed aside. Finding your niche may take time, but the rewards are worth it. Develop your passion into a business, and continue by strategising ways to monetise. Having passion for what you do is essential, and growing that into an influential brand is entirely possible.

Be careful of becoming complacent. The moment you become complacent as a creative is the very moment you leave the door of opportunity open for others to come and make waves in your industry. Stay focused. Stay hungry.

A word of advice; not everything you attempt to do is going to work – and that is completely okay, life works like that. Learn from each of those experiences, and fall in love with the process – it makes for a great story.

We live in a constantly growing society, and as a brand you need to be able to adapt because change is inevitable. Something that entrepreneur Gary Vee said stood out to me: “I honestly believe the people that will succeed within the next five to ten years are the people who are able to adapt and capitalize on the opportunities in the mitts of complete chaos”. – @garyvee.

Commit. Half-arsed passion will not carry you through until the finish line. Make a conscious effort to become self-aware, take time to reflect, stay focused, and remember your dreams – authenticity will allow your audience to connect with you on an empathetic level.

The creative industry in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is growing, but we still need to empower, collaborate, unite, and grow together to disrupt our industries even further.


written by: Reece Meyer – @_reecemeyer

edited by: Kalvin Sutherland – @iam_kxlvin

image by: Larry English – @larryephotography

additional credit: styleXposure – @stylexposuresa 

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